Nice and Neat Friendship books

What is a Nice and Neat Friendship Book?

This will help you guide what it is and how to make it look nice and neat.

We are crafters who want to make our work art look professional and neat so the person who take or receive our swap would feel happy and smile when they received the mail.

So our job to make our swappers happy! not make them have cloudy face when they saw your mail.

Anyway here is nice and neat standards.

1) Size – Normally we make 2 sizes of it, large size and small size.

A large size N&N Friendship book is 3 x 4 inches (width x height) while a small size of N&N Friendship book is 2.5 x 3 inches (width x height)

2) Front Cover – Decorate the best you can do, using embellishment such as, blinks, jewels, floral papers, glitters, peel off borders, etc. And then use book tape, magic cover, clear tape, to cover the front page to protect all of you decorate from falling apart.

3) Verso – this page will have information of the person who you “made for” and your name as “made by”. Both information of made for person and made by person must include, name, address, email, info (what you/she swap). The heading must have the name of swap, via what source (swap bot, yahoo group, etc.)

4) Inside – add 2-6 blank pages for signers to put their label on it. To bind pages together must use, brads, eyelets, ribbons, no stapler allows, but if cannot avoid using stapler, you must hide their appearance by using sticker or deco tape to cover them.

5) Back cover – We not normally decorate back cover so just leave it there and make sure you cover it by clear tape or deco tape to hide the ends of brads or stapler.

6) The book must be in booklet form!!

* * rules above are for new N&N Friendship book * *

For establish N&N Friendship books please relate these rules into the establish ones to see if they are eligible to send out as N&N Friendship books or not.

If those est. Fbs are not in these criteria they may be requested by your swappers to resend again.

These photo of Fbs below are all N&N (Nice and Neat) Friendship books I have made for swap to several places.

2014-03-30 18.21.46 1862014-03-26 12.01.28


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