Sweet Treats at Paris Baguette, San Diego CA

I have been very addicted to Korean bakery lately. I am so happy that I found the place I like, “Paris Baguette.”
It is located in Zion Marketplace, on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
This street is in Asian community, whereas a lot of Asian living here, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese,
but I don’t see any Thais here, also less of Philippinos.

I have been to Paris Baguette before but that time they didn’t have strawberries products yet.
This spring PB launched a lot of pastries that made of strawberries, luckily, we live in USA in strawberries season.
I love spring 2014! Therefore, PB could use a lot of strawberries to create awesome pastries.

My favorites pastry is strawberry cream puff, its price is just $2.80 with a gigantic portion. This is why I like it, not rip off price and high quality.

The price is reasonable all of this tray just costs us 21 dollars plus 3.50 for my green tea shaved ice.

Green tea Shaved ice

The decoration, their theme is like Paris, as its name. So here are some pictures inside.

The sitting area, with the blue light deco.

The staff are making my drink and some other customer drinks 😀

Nice and shiny bright services area.

Summery, I love this place and very addicted to it, last week, my husband and I went there for 3 times! Now I have to chill out for awhile from overdose on sugar.


Buns Zone

 I’ve planned to get this for my birthday this year ^^

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